Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Raw Kale Salad

I've exhausted most of my food documentary options on netflix.

I went to the internet, and I found good things! My favorite so far has been Jennifer Cornbleet's Raw Food Made Easy. It is actually fairly simple, unlike other raw food reciepes that include tons of healthy obscure ingredients I've never heard of before.

I have an obsession with how to videos. I mean, worse than documentaries. I could watch someone tell me how to uncork a wine bottle, get out a stain, massage your own hands, or perform acupuncture. Chris didn't want me to practice my newly learned acupuncture skills on him though.

Here is Jennifer telling you how to make the salad!

I changes a few little things. I didn't use red pepper, I used those smaller sweet peppers, so that I could have a variety of colors. Plus they must be in season at the moment because they're everywhere.

This is the organic kale before it's amazing olive oil and lemon juice massage. I rubbed and kneaded the oil into it's little leaves and look, what happened! It's shrank! Maybe that's why they say massage can remove cellulite...

Then I diced up the pretty pepper and threw them in too. Honestly, you could add anything you like, as with any salad but the lemon juice is acidic and you might want some savory or sweet flavors to balance it out. I used some "sprouted" almonds too (you just soak them in water for an hour or two and they get softer and delicious)

The Kale Salad was our lunch and I was nervous about how Mr. Wyoming would feel about it. I got his text message in the middle of the day, "Ok baby my lunch is freaking outstanding! i have no idea what is in it but it is amazing." Pretty rave reviews!

The kale is really filling and it requires a good bit of chewing (something I've been trying to be more aware of lately) but it's fun to eat lunch for your whole hour instead of scarfing it down in 10 minutes.

Let me know what you add to your salad and how it pared with the kale!
Happy Eating.

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