Thursday, April 21, 2011

Body Cleanse

Have you ever done a body cleanse?
I haven't
but I do watch a lot of food documentaries.
a lot
all of the ones on netflix
it's a hobby. or an addiction. either way.

all the food documentaries have me thinking about doing a cleanse but a quick google search of "food cleanse" gives me all kinds of crazy things.
I don't want a crazy thing. I don't want to live off avocados for 30 days or give myself enemas.

I want a simple, pretty easy, 30-40 day cleanse that can include juicing or raw foods and can also include supplements, the natural kind that you get from the health store, not the "loose 30 pounds in two minutes" kind you buy for 45 payments of $1.99.
Anyone know of anything?

I'm really hoping for some suggestions.
Happy eating, and cleansing!


  1. Jeff and I recently bought this detox tea from the health food store. Have you heard of this?

  2. i am right with you on the food docs. i can't stop! actually, it's ALL docs on netflix, history, religion, anything. even helvetica. that's right i spent 2 hours of my life learning about a typeface. also spray painting art. oh, and the shakers. =)