Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lentil Love Story

I'm going to tell you all a story...
Long long long ago a bag of green lentils sat on the shelf at the grocery story. It was a nice grocery store, very clean and well lit, and the bag of lentils liked it there. Although one of the re-stocking boys tended to pick his wedgies in the lentil isle. Other than that, life was good for the bag of lentils. Days past. No one took the lentils home. Until finally, one day, a girl with a long list and a giant envelope of coupons came wandering down the isle. She looked at the lentils and made an impulsive, non-list decision, to buy the lentils. It was true love and the lentils were so happy you could say they smiled. Once back in the girls apartment the lentils were put in a pretty bowl on the top shelf of the pantry, not to be thought of for a long while. The lentils watched brown rice leave the bowl, quinoa came and left, even arborio rice left with high hopes of mushroom risotto. The lentils were unused and the girl thought of them sometimes but her impulse purchase left her without recipe ideas.

Lentils, come down onto the counter and be apart of my kitchen and my food blog.
I have no idea how people eat lentils, besides a lot of soups which I wasn't craving.

I kept it simple.

I started with onions, I'm confident with onions. Onions and I have a long term relationship going. I know how they cook, how they burn and how to avoid the latter.
Then I added carrots. Carrots, although annoying to dice due to their rounded shape, are fairly easy. Carrots are predictable but have a more diverse flavor palate than onions. I used more carrots than onions and I sauteed them over medium high heat for a long time. I threw in a cinnamon stick for the heck of it.
Lentils have to boil, like pasta. I boiled them according to the package directions and then added them into the onions and carrots and removed the cinnamon stick. I added some dark vegetable stock and let them all get to know each other for a while.
And the lentils lived deliciously ever after, forever changing the girl's opinion about lentils.
The End.

Happy Eating!

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  1. I always love the happy ending stories. This one is not only delicious and so healthy too. It is a winner!!!