Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Ham for Lunch

My mom made ham for easter.
She gave me a bunch of her leftovers.

and when I got home I thought, what in the heck do you do with ham?
I did what any other 20-something would do. I googled.

Unfortunately most of the options involving ham also involve lots of cheese, bread, pasta, and cream and not too many fresh vegetables or fruits. Example.
also unfortunately I ate all the bruschetta so I had none leftover for lunch.

I decided to make a ham salad. Not the kind my mom suggested I make using mayonnaise and a meat grinder. Shudder.

Salads are so great for lunch because you throw whatever you have over a bed of lettuce and call it a salad! I call this one, ham sandwich salad.

Iceberg lettuce
Pickle (McClures)
Ham Chunks
Deli Mustard

As quick as you can dice a tomato you have a lunch all ready to go in your plastic to-go container. The dressing being thick-er than others meant that nothing got soggy or runny or weird by lunchtimes. BONUS. I hate soggy salad. I also hate trying to put dressing in a separate container, does anyone know of a 3tbsp container for sale?
My calorie approximation came in around 220.

How did you eat your easter leftovers?
Happy Eating!

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