Sunday, March 27, 2011

Disney World

The Mister and I have season passes to Walt Disney World, you might already know that if you read the blog.
You pretty much cannot go to Disney World and not eat, although in reality you can because you are allowed to bring food in with you. How can you bring in Mickey Mouse ice cream and fried Churros though? You can't, proving my point.
What is it about entertainment and food that people have knit together into one? There are Disney parks though out the world selling rodent shaped food. On our monthly budget, eating out and entertainment are one line. Chris and I love food but we also love the entertainment of food. The cooking together, the eating out together, the being together... It's nourishing to the soul to be with your partner/ family/ friends. It's nourishing to the body to eat good food. It's brilliant to put the two together! (you could argue here that churros are not "good food" to which I might agree, but then eat one anyway)
Where do you go to fill your tummy and your soul? Who do you go with? Let's celebrate nourishment of all sorts together!
Happy Eating.

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