Monday, June 4, 2012

I'm eating more Fruit!

Want to know what I've really been eating?
It's not gourmet, or fancy, or hard to make...

It's fruit.
I'm obsessed lately.

I went through this phase in life where I didn't really eat fruit, how sad. I thought it was full of sugar and not great to eat a lot of it. I limited my fruits to small amounts.

That phase has passed! Hallelujah.

Fruit is amazing! It has so many vitamins, plenty of fiber, and it's easily digested by your body. Not to mention it's delicious! The "sugars" in fruit are good for your body and they have really helped to give me some energy. You already know I've been lacking energy for blogging.

my favorite fruits after the jump... 

This has been my most favorite, Smoothies! Not smoothies from Smoothie World where they add crazy amounts of extra sugar... You can make smoothies at home so easily. Lately I've been buying frozen organic fruits and using those to quickly whip up my smoothies. Watermelon is my new favorite smoothie base because it eliminates the need for milk or water to keep it blending since watermelon has such a high water content.

This beauty is fresh squeezed orange juice blended with some banana. I like to use the orange zest as well as the juice, but do make sure it's an organic orange without that wax on the outside so you're not getting extra pesticides in your smoothie.

This was my afternoon snack after coming home from the grocery store the other day! It is fate that watermelons are shaped like cereal bowls?! It must mean you can eat it like cereal! This watermelon was delicious. I've been really challenging ideas of "too much" fruit, is that even possible? Since increasing my fruit intake, I feel much more awake and energetic. I also feel less bloated, which is the opposite of what I expected.

Do you normally increase your fruit intake in the summer? What are your favorite fruits?
Happy Eating!

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