Monday, February 14, 2011

Buying a Cow

Well hello long lost blog...
How have you been?

My fingers have been avoiding the keyboard lately. Do you ever feel that way?

I do apologize.

In the world of food right now the biggest thing going on is that I'm hoping and planning on buying a giant hunk of cow! Local food is becoming more and more important to me and Florida has a lot of farms not far from the cities. I've also become increasingly more aware of the way animals are treated, animals that we eat. I believe the old phrase, you are what you eat. So I'd rather not be made of animals that are fed foods their bodies we not designed to digest, pumped full of medicines to help them survive the terrible living conditions they are subjected too. This isn't about judgement or politics... it's just one woman thinking more carefully about what I put into my body.

As much as I love love love saving money it may not be the best idea to cut costs on food alone. American's spend very little of their income on food. I am willing to spend a higher percentage of my income on food and I'm sort of hoping that will help me spend less on medicare and maybe even give me a few extra quality years with my family.

Have any of you bought local organic meat before? What was your experience? What suggestions do you have?

Happy Eating!

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