Monday, June 20, 2011


How many times have you successfully cooked eggplant?
My number is 2.
Don't ask how many times I've attempted it, it's embarrassing.

Something about it.... that purple skin maybe, I don't know but it never seems to taste as good as I hoped it would. We went out to dinner to K Restaurant the other night. I ordered the eggplant something with cheese and tomato sauce, and holy cow was it stinking delicious. I wish I could make eggplant taste like that eggplant tasted. I secretly blame my lack of fryer, I think a deep fryer may be the key to scrumptious eggplant.

We had way to much fresh mozzarella cheese at our house a few weeks back. I bought it on a coupon/sale matching thing and then remembered we are two people and couldn't possibly eat that much cheese, even if it is seriously amazing tasting.
I decided to buy an eggplant.

Look at the pretty salad I made! I grilled the eggplant with a hearty pour of some olive oil. I used one of those cool pans made for making paninis. Have you seen those? It's like a skillet with raised grill marks in the bottom and it comes with a heavy squisher to make the marks on your food/press your hot sandwich.
I made mine look like a caprese salad, layered all together.
I reduced some balsamic vinegar for the top. Reduced balsamic vinegar is so good, I might add it every single thing I ever cook from now on.

Happy Eating!

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